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The Mentor Group Institute for Intercultural Education, known as The Mentor Group, is an American not-for-profit organisation established in 1983 “to conduct legal and economic studies and research for scholars and officials of the United States of America and Europe”.[1]

The Mentor Group was founded by Thomas Kosmo.


The Mentor Group initiatives include:

  • Forum for EU/US Legal-Economic Affairs, co-founded in 1989 by Eugene M. Becker[2][3]
  • Central European Forum for Legal-Economic Affairs (established in 2004)[3]
  • Forum for Russian Legal-Economic Affairs (1993-2000)[3]
  • Library of Economic Freedom and Administrative Power[2]

The Group has organised high level annual events, including:

  • Symposium on Statecraft and the Armed Forces at the Supreme Court of the United States (since 2009).[4] The 2017 event was attended by the Swedish Ambassador to the US.[5]
  • Seminar for the European Union Judiciaries[2]
  • Harvard Seminar on the European Political Economy[2]

Relationship with the Tobacco Industry

British American Tobacco has been a member of the Mentor Group’s Forum for EU/US Legal-Economic Affairs since 1992.

Internal BAT documents show that the Forum served as a platform for large corporations, including BAT, to access senior European Union (EU) decision makers, and attempt to influence EU legislation and regulations that have the potential to harm their business interests.[6][7][8]

For more information, go to our page on this Forum.


The Mentor Group’s 2014 Annual Financial Filing for the IRS shows that the Group had an income of US$1,085,000 in 2014; US$1,035,000 from membership fees and US$50,000 from a symposium event.[9] It employed 8 people that year.[9]

In its 2015 entry on the EU Transparency Register, the organisation reported to have spent between €600,000 and €699,999 on EU lobbying that year.[10]

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