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Categories are a wiki-feature allowing you to find all the pages written about a specific topic. By putting a category at the bottom of a page, the name of this page will appear at a dedicated page listing the links to all pages in the same category. A category can be used to get an overview of, for instance, Tobacco: Think Tanks working with the industry each of whom might be mentioned at a different page. Or all pages on Plain Packaging, or those that include information on a specific tactic used by the industry, say Astroturfing.

A page you're working on can fall under several categories, if and when it is about several issues. However, although you can use more than one category, be careful not to 'over-categorise'.

How to Categorise

Every single page on Tobacco Tactics needs to be categorised in order to keep the overview up to date. The categories used at Tobacco Tactics are all shown at the main page. By clicking on one, you get to a description of the category, and a list of the pages in that category. The same set of categories is listed below.

This Categorise page intends to make the editing easy. Below is a table with all current categories: their names followed by the code you need to apply. The category-code needs to be put at the very bottom of the page you're working on - even below the == Notes == and <references/> bit. The wiki will add the word 'categories' automatically and nicely format them by adding a divider. Best open this page in a new and separate window, to make it easy to reach while you're editing your wiki-page in order to copy/paste the bit of code.

Tobacco Tactics - Key Topics

Name of Category Code for Category
International Agencies and Regulation [[category:International Agencies and Regulation]]
Tobacco Products Directive [[category:Tobacco Products Directive]]
Government Policy [[category:Government Policy]]
Point of Sale Display Ban [[category:Display Ban]]
Plain Packaging [[category:Plain Packaging]]
Plain Packaging in Australia [[category:Plain Packaging in Australia]]
Price and Tax [[category:Price and Tax]]
Smuggling [[category:Smuggling]]
Product Innovation [[category:Product Innovation]]
Harm Reduction [[category:Harm Reduction]]
Snus [[category:Snus]]

Tobacco Tactics - Organisations & People

Name of Category Code for Category
Tobacco Companies [[category:Tobacco Companies]]
PR Companies [[category:PR Companies]]
Think Tanks [[category:Think Tanks]]
Lobby groups [[category:Lobby Groups]]
Transnational Lobby Networks [[category:Transnational Lobby Networks]]
Tobacco Industry People [[category:Tobacco Industry People]]
Lobbyists and PR People [[category:Lobbyists and PR People]]
Political Advisors [[category:Political Advisors]]
Politicians [[category:Politicians]]
Lawyers [[category:Lawyers]]
Scientists [[category:Scientists]]
Pro-Tobacco Bloggers [[category:Pro-Tobacco Bloggers]]
Libertarians [[category:Libertarians]]

Tobacco Tactics

Name of Category Code for Category
Lobbying Decision Makers [[category:Lobbying Decision Makers]]
CSR Strategy [[category:CSR Strategy]]
Influencing Science [[category:Influencing Science]]
Third Party Techniques [[category:Third Party Techniques]]
Hiring Independent Experts [[category:Hiring Independent Experts]]
Front Groups [[category:Front Groups]]
Astroturfing [[category:Astroturfing]]
Legal Strategy [[category:Legal Strategy]]
Challenging Legislation [[category:Challenging Legislation]]
Freedom of Information Requests [[category:Freedom of Information Requests]]
Countering Critics [[category:Countering Critics]]
Intelligence Gathering [[category:Intelligence Gathering]]
Divide and Rule [[category:Divide and Rule]]
Smear Campaign [[category:Smear Campaign]]
Arguments and Language [[category:Arguments and Language]]
Media Strategy [[category:Media Strategy]]
Online Strategy [[category:Online Strategy]]
Revolving Door [[category:Revolving Door]]

Some notes on Tobacco Tactics Categories

The Tobacco Tactics wiki is primary built around a model of tactics as used by the industry to stay in business, make profit and keep investors satisfied. This page seeks to explain how the tree of tactics and strategies relates to the second level of mapping out the industry, the people and organisations involved. Some of those categories - such as Tobacco: Industry Companies or Tobacco: Industry People - apply to almost all of the Tobacco Tactics listed below. Others belong more specifically to one Tobacco Tactic. For instance, the Category: Lobbying Decision Makers involves government policy and people, as well as lobbying organisations and people, as is detailed below. A third perspective is provided by the Category: Tobacco Tactics Current Issues. These serve as examples of how the Tobacco Industry seeks to challenge proposed tobacco control legislation and tries to make issues go away.

The Tobacco Tactics model could also be used for other industries - ideally. That's why the wording chosen for the categories needs to be generic and multi-applicable. While the terms used for the tactics need to be (self) descriptive, they also require to link to existing work by NGOs and campaigners in the field and ideally to academic research. Last but not least, the wording should be descriptive, while people and organisations should not feel offended to be categorised under a certain category. To keep an overview there is a strict procedure for adding new categories. Proposals - with motivation - can be sent to tobacco AT and will be judged by the current editorial team.