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International treaties and other international instruments
To use trade agreements to force entry into closed markets
and to challenge the legality of proposed tobacco control legislation

WHO Definitions of Tobacco Industry Tactics for resisting effective tobacco control, 2009.''

As TobaccoTactics focuses on the tactics of the industry in the UK and in Brussels, Transnational Lobby Networks lists mainly those lobby groups active at the European level. However, attempts are also made to influence treaties negotiated by International Agencies and Regulators, thus global organisations like the World Health Organisation or World Trade Organization are included too.

The use of trade agreements to challenge the legality of proposed tobacco control regulation can be found under Legal Strategy.

Using lobbying networks is one of the ways in which Tobacco Companies are Lobbying Decision Makers (a page explaining the issue in more detail). Lobby Groups act on on behalf of the tobacco industry, contacting regulators and policy makers with the aim to influence regulation and legislation. Apart from the groups mentioned here, Think Tanks, PR Companies or other policy institutions can also be involved in international lobbying.

Please note that there are separate categories for:

So also check the latter page for specific people involved in lobbying for the Tobacco Industry.

The Transnational Lobby Networks listed here include industry organisations (tobacco related) and more generic trade organisations in Brussels and elsewhere. The list also contains case studies explaining the functioning of Transnational Lobby Networks.