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* [[EU Tobacco Products Directive Revision]]
* [[EU Tobacco Products Directive Revision]]
[[category:Tobacco Products Directive]] [[category:Plain Packaging]] [[category:Snus]] [[category:Lobbying Decision Makers]][[Category:EU]]
[[Category:International Agencies and Regulation]][[category:Tobacco Products Directive]][[category:Snus]][[Category:Swedish Match]][[category:Lobbying Decision Makers]][[Category:EU]]

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OLAF is the European Anti-Fraud Office; OLAF is short for the name in French ‘’Office de Lutte Anti-Fraude’’. It investigates fraud against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions, and develops anti-fraud policy for the European Commission. Director-General since December 2010 is Giovanni Kessler.

OLAF got caught in the spotlight in 16 October 2012, when the EU Health Commissioner John Dalli resigned in a “cash for influence” lobbying scandal. Dalli’s resignation came days before he was due to launch the post-consultation proposals for a new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) that would have continued the EU-wide ban on snus (the exemption for Sweden kept in place).

Mr Dalli was forced to resign in October 2012, after OLAF concluded that Dalli was aware that Silvio Zammit,a Maltese associate, had approached Swedish Match to bribe Dalli to overturn the EU ban on snus during the review of the TPD. Despite the main charges against Dalli made public, OLAF’s full report remained secret for many months after.

For more on OLAF's role in 'Dalligate', see the page on its Director General:

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