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Pierre de Labouchere was President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) from 1999 to 2013.[1]

Amidst rumours of “strategic disagreement” within the tobacco company, de Labouchere resigned with immediate effect on 18 December 2013.[1]

He was succeeded by Thomas McCoy.

Long-Standing Career in the Tobacco Industry

De Labouchere began working in the tobacco industry in 1980, when he joined American tobacco company RJ Reynolds Nabisco.[2]

In 1995 he was appointed President and Chief Executive of RJ Reynolds International, based in Geneva (Switzerland).[2]

In 1999, when Japan Tobacco bought RJR’s International business, de Labouchere became President and CEO of JTI.[3]

Led the Takeover of Gallaher in 2007

De Labouchere led JTI’s £7.5 billion acquisition of British tobacco company Gallaher, which turned JTI into a significant player on the British cigarette market.[1]

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